Buy the Sound Blaster Roar MegaStereo Deluxe Pack

Sound Blaster Roar MegaStereo Deluxe Pack

Get the Full MegaStereo Experience with 2 Units of Sound Blaster Roar!


Sound Blaster Roar

The Audiophile Sound Booklet

The Sound Blaster Roar is a testament to how we are constantly striving towards building audio products that sound amazingly good. This portable Bluetooth® wireless speaker delivers mind-shatteringly powerful audio despite its booklet size, and we've precisely tuned it to deliver audio fidelity of the highest quality - it is the best compact portable speaker an audiophile can get.


Mind-blowing 5 drivers powered by 2 high-performance amplifiers. Built-in subwoofer for kickass thumping bass. Further enhanced with proprietary ROAR, TeraBass & MegaStereo technologies.


Award-winning stylish and compact design. Bagged the prestigious international 2014 Red Dot Award for its amalgamation of precise audio engineering and minimalist design.


AAC & aptX for high-quality audio, NFC, MP3 player, voice recorder, speakerphone, 6000 mAh Li-ion battery, battery bank, Bedtime listening mode, USB Sound Blaster, siren, and Link Security to configure Bluetooth for different usage scenarios.


Outperforms wireless speakers twice its price! Made possible by removing the middle-men and going direct.

Sound Blaster Roar Mega Stereo Cable

Link up for a wider sound stage

The Sound Blaster Roar already sounds amazing on its own. Now, imagine the audio performance you will experience with two units of Sound Blaster Roar! Using the Mega Stereo Cable, you can link up two units of Sound Blaster Roar to create individual left and right channels to achieve a wider sound stage, giving you even more powerful, all-encompassing audio for your music, movies and games!

Sound Blaster Roar Carry-Bag

The Sound Blaster Roar Carry-bag is a stylish fabric mesh zipper bag that is custom-designed for the Sound Blaster Roar speaker. The carry-bag's soft porous fabric mesh lets you operate your Sound Blaster Roar and blast your music even while the speaker is within the bag, so you can continue to enjoy your music while on the move. It is specially designed to allow easy access to Sound Blaster Roar's microSD port, power and USB connections. You can choose to carry it with the detachable hand strap or go hands-free by using the shoulder strap.

Available exclusively via Creative Stores.


Digital Trends

Clearly, the Roar was designed to be the musical backbone of a party. A dedicated “roar” button offers one-press access to a bolder, louder sound signature with beefed up bass and more scintillating treble — a bonus in the outdoors, where a lack of reflective surfaces can make a speaker sound anemic.

Sound Blaster Roar MegaStereo Deluxe Pack


The Hindu Business Line

We will recommend this speaker to everyone – it is great value for the price and the spacious, rich sound quality will surprise you. For audiophiles, here is a tip – you can actually tune the speaker for its balance using the Sound Blaster Control Panel software for PCs and Macs.

Sound Blaster Roar MegaStereo Deluxe Pack


The Hindu Business Line

Don’t be fooled by its compact dimensions, it packs a solid punch. Even better than just delivering great sound quality, this Bluetooth speaker can also be used like a power bank to charge your handset or tablet.

Sound Blaster Roar MegaStereo Deluxe Pack


Customer Reviews

S. Madathil

Awesome stereo experience from such a small device! I have owned another creative system and was confident they would deliver and I'm not disappointed. I bought my second sound blaster roar a year later and thoroughly enjoy the richer effect. It is not a Bose; but you don't have to pay the extra 'brand cost' to enjoy amazing audio.

S. Hennem

For something so small the sound is fantastic, the use of an sd card is great built in mic just so many functions,it is just perfect for a portable music box.


It is a perfect bluetooth speaker. Great roaring sound, perfect for someone who loves good quality in music. Buttery life is great and sound blaster roar can also be used like power bank. I definitely recommend this speaker. Eventhough it has a bad mic, that's why I rate it 4,5. You have to be pretty close, so that your voice can be heard good.

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • 2 x Sound Blaster Roar
    • 2 x Sound Blaster Roar
    • 2 x Power adapter
    • 2 x Micro USB Cable
    • 2 x Quick Start Guides
    • 2 x Warranty leaflet
    • 2 x Safety and regulatory leaflet

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