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Buy the Sound Blaster Headset Stand

Sound Blaster Headset Stand

For Headsets and Headphones



Stylish Stand for Your Gaming Headset

Proudly display your Sound Blaster gaming headset or any pair of headphones on the Sound Blaster Headset Stand instead of chucking it on your tabletop. It is sturdily crafted with durable ABS plastic and black-plated cold rolled steel for strength and a more refined finishing. Branded with the Sound Blaster logo, this stylishly designed accessory complements any gaming setup and is a must for serious gamers.

Customer Reviews

E. Chua

Aesthetically pleasing

A. Daantje

I love this stand, for me there is no other save place to put my headset on after I'm done using it on my desk. and when I travel and take my headset with me, it goes in his pouch when I'm not using it so no matter what it's always taken good care off

H. O. Grotebevelsborg

It's ezy to put your head set on and away

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Sound Blaster Headset Stand
  • Quick Setup Guide

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