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Buy the E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers

E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers

Passive Bookshelf Speakers for Sound Blaster X7



The Science Behind Great Sound

It's no big secret. The E-MU XM7's sonic performance is this. The five-inch custom designed diaphragm woofer works with oversized magnet structure and shielding for tight bass response. Seek clarity and accuracy in the specially doped one-inch high efficiency silk dome tweeter.

Featuring two types of finishes, you can choose between brown wood grain with metallic grey finish, and black wood grain. Pick one that fits your style.

Inside E-MU XM7, there's a rear Port Tube that increases the efficiency of the sound system at low-end frequencies, as compared to other speakers of its class.

For secure connection, a pair of gold-plated binding posts tightly fastens the Sound Blaster X7's amplified outputs. So, your audio experience will be silky smooth, whole and complete - without distortions.

Sound Blaster X7

Specially Designed for Sound Blaster X7

We thought about how you could bring out the best in your Sound Blaster X7. Hook up your Sound Blaster X7 to the E-MU XM7 so it will reproduce every detail and texture of your audio with pristine clarity.

Blockbuster movies. Live music concerts. Intense gaming. We've got you covered. So, you will have an additional enhancement for your entertainment. For discerning ears, you can connect, and enjoy a warm and easy listening or you can also adjust the settings for a flat and neutral response for audio monitoring.

When paired with the Sound Blaster X7, these modes will be available for selection:

  • Energetic - Suitable for movies and games
  • Neutral - Suitable for reference and monitoring use
  • Warm - Recommended for easy audio music enjoyment



High-Def Digest

"On the gaming side, I had the XM7s employed when I was poking around the 'Rare Replay, and that meant my return to the N64 classic 'Perfect Dark,' came through beautifully. It's crazy to have the sounds, the music, the effects, and the voice acting, that I knew by heart from some fifteen years ago, being played in a way that is stronger than I had ever heard before."

4.5 out of 5

E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers



The E-MU XM7 immediately stood out of the crowd because of its amazing level of details, clarity, and accuracy.Meanwhile, the mids are present and I can hear the vocals more clearly than ever while the treble is totally clean and doesn’t cause any spike. The soundstage is fairly good, especially when I sit in front of the 2 speakers.There is no distortion and hissing sound. The speakers are also quite powerful as they can deliver up to 60W per channel.

E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers


Customer Reviews

T. Richard

The speakers are heavier than they look and it is able to handle crescendos very well. Its audio is clear and it also delivers good bass. These speakers pairs very well with the X7 but even if you replace it with another amp and it works just as well. The construction is robust and neat and there are lots of room to spare no matter what music you throw at it. Good value for its price!


Love it.

j. sim

For the price point, this speakers provide the best acoustics for sure.

A Closer Look


  • System Configuration 2-way
  • Power Output Max 60W per channel
  • Drivers Woofer: 5” (132 mm) special combination diaphragm with oversized magnetic structure and shielding
    Tweeter: 1” (25 mm) silk dome tweeter
  • Dimensions Each Speaker: 232.0 x 174.0 x 298.0 mm (9.14" x 6.85" x 11.7")
  • Weight Each: Approx 4.35kg
  • Included Accessories 2 x Soft Grilles, 2 x Speaker Cable 2.4m, User Manual
  • Movies / Music Yes
  • Connector Type Gold-plated binding posts
  • Color Brown wood grain with metallic grey finish / Black wood grain finish
  • Design Passive
  • Package Contents

    • 2 x E-MU XM7 Passive Speakers
    • 2 x Soft Grilles
    • User Manual
    • 2 x Speaker Cable 2.5m


    1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


    Owner's Manual

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