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Buy the Creative Metallix

Creative Metallix

Ultra-portable, Compact Bluetooth Wireless Speaker




The Creative Metallix is a wireless Bluetooth speaker with powerful audio and a long-lasting battery life of up to 24 hours1. It is ultra-portable and versatile with 4-way music playback, including a microSD card slot2 that supports high-quality lossless music3. The Metallix is compact, but certainly punches above its weight.


High Quality, Wireless Audio Enjoyment

Enjoy high quality, wireless audio streaming with Creative Metallix! With Bluetooth 4.2 technology, your music streams seamlessly. When connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the Metallix doubles up as a speakerphone so you can take incoming calls.

It also has a standard 3.5mm AUX-in port for fuss-free wired connectivity.

When Size Belies Power

Don't underestimate its size — the Creative Metallix is furnished with an in-house tuned full-range driver with a hidden passive radiator for impressive audio and enhanced bass. This compact speaker will bring you surprisingly clear and powerful audio akin to that of a speaker larger in size.


Your Music Never Stops

With a remarkably long-lasting battery life of up to 24 hours, Creative Metallix gives you playtime of more than double that of most speakers of similar size! You can play more than 200 songs on a single charge. Listen to your favourite playlists to your heart's content!

Your Smart Assistant

Hello, Google Now and Siri

Let Metallix help you send a message or make a call! Activate Siri or Google Now by double pressing the play button when you are connected to the Metallix via Bluetooth.


Recharge with Music

Can't pick which song to listen to? Let your local radio station decide! The USB charging cable doubles up as an FM antenna, allowing the Metallix to tune in to your favourite FM radio station. You can even continue listening while it is charging. That's how versatile this small speaker is.


Built-in Music Player

Play music without using your phone! The microSD card playback lets you store thousands of songs in a microSD card that you can play directly from Creative Metallix. The built-in music player supports high quality lossless FLAC, WAV and MP3 formats so you can enjoy the best audio all the time.

Stereo Double

Experience better wireless stereo performance when two Creative Metallix speakers are paired together. You can link your Metallix with your friend's to create a wider soundstage for enhanced acoustics. Pump up the party music!


Hold Your Music in Your Palm

This compact, palm-sized speaker weighs just 205g (7.2 oz) and is ultra-portable. It is the perfect travel companion that even fits in your pocket!


Meet its bigger counterpart

Your Splash-proof Companion

The bigger of the two, Creative Metallix Plus is a portable Bluetooth and IPX5 water-resistant speaker furnished with dual custom-tuned drivers for powerful acoustics — and is available exclusively on Creative.com.


1 Based on moderate volume level. Actual battery life will vary with use and settings and environmental conditions.

2 Compatible with microSD cards of class 4 and above, up to 32GB.

3 Supports MP3 up to 320kbps (8KHz - 48 KHz). Supports FLAC (8KHz - 48 KHz) L0 - L8 (1000Kbps - 1200Kbps).



Sound Guys

You’re getting a tiny speaker with plenty of connection options and features that make it one of the more versatile products we’ve tested in a while, but because of its size you’re going to have to give up some sound quality. Though to be fair not as much as you might think.

Creative Metallix


Music | Photo | Life

The sound quality almost blew me away. This single 37mm speaker driver with hidden passive radiator pumps respectable bass output with sufficient presence at high volumes, that I can even feel the surface vibrate. But it’s the crystal clear treble that wins the deal.

Creative Metallix


Technically Well

The Creative Metallix has surprisingly well-balanced sound given its small size. Music sounds clear and there is even some bass. It won’t rattle the windows, but it does enhance the lows nicely. It can even get loud enough to fill a medium size room with minimal distortion.

Creative Metallix


Customer Reviews

H. seundeli

The value to quality ratio is extraordinary. Would happily pay triple the price for these no joke.

P. P. Associacao

Excelent sound and battery.

D. Wojciechowski

Superb small speaker

A Closer Look

System Requirements


  • 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support


  • 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support


  • 3.5mm stereo jack
  • iPhones/iPads running iOS 7 or higher for Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support


  • 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Phones/Tablets running Android 4.0 or higher for Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support

Package Contents

  • Creative Metallix
  • micro USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Leaflets


1-year Limited Hardware Warranty

Featured Questions

  1. Is Creative Metallix compatible with my devices?
    Creative Metallix is compatible with all Bluetooth devices that supports the Stereo Bluetooth Profile (A2DP).
  2. What is the furthest distance I can go from my phone with the speaker?
    The wireless Bluetooth operating range is up to 10m (33ft).
  3. How many units of Creative Metallix can I connect together?
    You can pair up to 2 Creative Metallix together for left and right stereo pairing.
  4. How do I pair 2 units of Creative Metallix together?
    Switch on the 1st Metallix (left channel) and hold the ‘Play’ button for 6 seconds. The flashing white LED will light up.

    Switch on the 2nd Metallix (right channel). It should link automatically. If it does not, press and hold the ‘Mode’ button for 3 seconds. The flashing blue LED will light up. The devices are now paired.

    Switch on Bluetooth on your music device and connect to the Metallix. Now you play music via Bluetooth to your Metallix pair.

    To unlink, press and hold the ‘Mode’ button on both speakers for 15 seconds.

  5. Can I pair Creative Metallix with another Creative/Bluetooth speaker?
    No. The Metallix can only be paired with another Metallix.
  6. How do I store the FM radio stations on my Creative Metallix?
    It is stored automatically after auto-scan.
  7. How many FM stations can I store on Creative Metallix?
    Creative Metallix can store up to 50 FM stations.

    To toggle the stations, connect your Metallix speaker to the USB charging cable provided. Switch on the device, press the Mode button once to switch to FM radio mode (white LED light).

    Press and hold the play button for 2 seconds. It will start to auto-scan (white LED light blinking). The FM stations are stored automatically. To switch between stations, hold the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons.

  8. What is the maximum capacity for microSD card?
    Creative Metallix is compatible with microSD cards of class 4 and above, up to 32GB.
  9. What are the file formats supported by Creative Metallix?
    Creative Metallix supports MP3 up to 320kbps (8KHz – 48 KHz), FLAC (8KHz – 48 KHz) L0 – L8 (1000Kbps – 1200Kbps).
  10. Is there an auto-off feature for Creative Metallix?
    When unconnected via Bluetooth, AUX-in and FM radio, it will shut down in 10 minutes.

    When it is connected via Bluetooth, the speaker will stay connected until the device is switched off.

    The Metallix will remain switched on when it is being charged.

  11. What are the dimensions and weight of Creative Metallix?
    Creative Metallix measures 67 x 67 x 75 mm / 2.6 x 2.6 x 3 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 205g (7.2 oz).
  12. How long is the battery life?
    Creative Metallix has a play time of up to 24 hours.

    This is based on moderate volume level. Actual battery life will vary with usage settings and environmental conditions.

  13. How long does it take to charge?
    Approximately 3 hours.

    You can charge Creative Metallix via the micro USB port.

  14. What do the display LED colours mean?
    Flashing blue: Bluetooth pairing mode
    Blue: Bluetooth device paired
    Red: Charging mode
    White: FM radio mode
    Flashing white: FM radio scanning mode
  15. Is Creative Metallix water-resistant?
    No. Creative Metallix is not water-resistant.
  16. What are the colours available?
    Creative Metallix is available in black.

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