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Buy the Aurvana Live! SE

Aurvana Live! SE

High-definition Over-ear Headphones (Super X-Fi Certified)



Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the Creative Aurvana Live! SE is extremely comfortable and easy to bring around. The drivers within are tuned by our acoustic experts—the same Foster drivers found in our renowned Creative Aurvana Live! headphones—and it delivers a natural and faithful audio presentation akin to a live performance. The sharp transients and dynamic passages are handled with effortless finesse, and brings out the vibrancy in your music playback for a realistic music listening experience.

If you own a Creative SXFI AMP, Aurvana Live! SE is also Super X-Fi certified for use with Super X-Fi for the best headphone holography audio experience.



Enjoy clear and detailed highs, coupled with remarkable deep and rich bass tones with the powerful, in-house tuned Neodymium magnet drivers, and ultra-thin bio-cellulose diaphragm—the same Foster drivers found in our renowned Creative Aurvana Live! headphones.



Immerse in your music for hours with Aurvana Live! SE and stay comfortable throughout the entire duration! The closed-back around-ear headphone is designed to help reduce unwanted background noise; and with its soft leatherette earpads and adjustable padded headband, the Aurvana Live! SE provides outstanding comfort for long-lasting wear.

Super X-Fi


Aurvana Live! SE is Super X-Fi certified! Super X-Fi processing with certified headphones accounts and compensates for changes in audio output caused by the headphones to ensure audio reaches your ears as intended.

Any headphones that feature our Super X-Fi Certified badge has been optimized for use with Super X-Fi.


Critically-acclaimed by respected journalists all over the world and garnering 23 CES “Best-of” awards in 2019 and 2020, the Super X-Fi technology captures the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system set-up, and recreates the same expansive experience—with the same original depth, detail, realism, and immersiveness—in your headphones. Not simply a 3D surround technology, the power of Super X-Fi lies in its capability to recreate natural, realistic audio holography that matches your hearing process, to deliver to you a full theatrical experience.

This is done through complex algorithms and computationally intensive techniques to custom fit audio for every individual, with a sophisticated Head and Ear-Mapping process. For users, the process is as simple as taking 3 photos of your ears and face.

Check out our entire range of Super X-Fi products or read more about our Super X-Fi technology!

Customer Reviews

M. A. M. Mokhtar

Excellent clear sound.

P. M

I use Aurvana Live! SE with GC7 and am so glad with my purchase. I did not know that SXFI technology will be so immersive and so mesmerizing. I have been spoiled by the SXFI tech. Movies, Music and Games all come alive and sound super amazing, just the way they were meant to sound by the artists and the engineers. Thank you, awesome folks at Creative!.

B. Vermelho

Amazing sound and bass! I highly recommend!

A Closer Look


Wearing Style
Product Type
3.5 mm Stereo Input
Recommended Usage
Music / Movies
210g / 7.4 oz
Cable Length (End-to-end)
1.2m / 3.9 ft
Frequency Response: 10–30,000 Hz
Type: Neodymium

Package Contents

  • 1 x Aurvana Live! SE Headphones


1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


Owner's Manual

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