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Buy the Aurvana In-ear3 Plus

Aurvana In-ear3 Plus

Noise-isolating In-ear Headphones with In-line Remote and Microphone




The Sound You Need

Take your audio experience to the next level with Aurvana In-ear3 Plus. The new formula combines specially designed drivers, with a tweeter and woofer on each side, and high quality earbuds that block out 98% ambient noise to let you experience your music with clarity and precision - just like high-end speakers!

Audio Performance

Hear Every Detail

Pamper your ears with a great deal of smooth, clean and accurate sounds. This is the studio quality performance that shows the audio prowess of the dual precise Balanced Armature Tweeter and Woofer design with passive crossovers on each side.

Versatile and Comfortable

The angled sound tube adapts so well to your ears, you won't feel like you're wearing them. Experience the true dimensions of clean, crisp sound with its patent-pending acoustic partition design that separates the highs (Tweeter) and mids/lows (Woofer). Great things come in small packages, don't they?

Headphones in, World Out

Cancel yourself off from the world, with up to 98% noise isolation. Take your music up a notch with minimal bass leakages to keep your favourite tracks alive. The AuraSeal in-ear design is meant to let you focus on things that matter. The silicone and foam earbuds come in different sizes, to give your ears a comfortable and snug fit.

A Portable Powerhouse

If music is your motivation, go further with the over-ear cable loop that stays securely on. Optimised for convenience and durability, the premium, high-purity Oxygen-Free Copper cabling, along with a sturdy L-shaped 4-pole gold plated plug offer a high-grade connection.


Efficient Control at Your Fingertips

With just one touch of the in-line remote, you're in total control of the volume, phone calls and music playback. Optimised for a wide range of smartphones and tablets, you can switch seamlessly between different gadgets.


Uncompromising Sound

Music is a lot more enjoyable when you don't have to fuss with unwanted contact noises in your ears. The braided fabric cable made with high-quality nylon significantly reduce contact noises and works magic in preventing messy cable tangle, allowing you to enjoy your music even more.


Music Follows Wherever You Go

Store the earphones in the compact travel pouch that makes a great portable convenience - perfect for the travelling audiophile!


Sound Guys

Male and female vocals alike are treated well, and the high mids are smooth sounding without being overly subdued... Stereo imaging is nice, and the soundstage can vary, but on the right mixes these are very open sounding for in-ears. Unlike some other earbuds, these really come alive when you crank the volume, making them a better fit for those who like it loud.

Aurvana In-ear3 Plus



Through various mediums – everything from audio, to TV and movies on Netflix, to gaming – the audio performed impeccably. Of course, these are first and foremost a music listening device, so they perform at their best when listening to music. Whether country, rock and roll, rap, or punk, I found the highs and lows to be incredibly precise, pumping a great sound into your head at all times.


Aurvana In-ear3 Plus



Creative’s Aurvana In-Ear 3 Plus Headphones produce sound so luminous and detailed the experience left me feeling as though I was sitting in front of two high end speakers precisely spaced in a room with fine acoustics. It was hard to believe this concert filling my ears was coming from earphone speakers smaller than a dime.

10 out of 10

Aurvana In-ear3 Plus


Customer Reviews

F. Kurniawan

Great noise cancellation, very clear and crisp sound, great packaging, and very comfortable to use in-ear.

L. Wouters

Bought these new in-ear3 plus after I had been working with the in-ear3 since 2013. My old ones are still perfectly functional, I use them for jogging now.. Very happy about these earplugs, great balance between bass and treble. amazing value for money compared to other brands in my opinion. outstanding noise blocking from outside, love this feature in the big city... I also tried the inline to make phonecalls, works perfect with standard apps.

A Closer Look


Wearing Style
Product Type
Gold-plated CTIA 4-pole 3.5 mm jack
Recommended Usage
Communications, Music / Movies
15g / 0.5 oz
Cable Length (End-to-end)
1.3m / 4.2 ft
Impedance: 28 ohms
Type: Balanced Armature
Frequency Response: 10–17,000 Hz
Volume: Yes

Package Contents

  • 1 pair of Aurvana In-ear3 Plus earphones
  • 1 pair of S,M,L size silicone eartips
  • 1 pair of foam eartips
  • Cleaning tool
  • Airplane adaptor
  • Travel pouch


1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


Owner's Manual

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