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It's a world without wires. Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-W2 USB Transceiver changes the way we think about audio. It is a high performance, low latency stereo USB audio transceiver that unleashes the full potential of your Bluetooth headset.

A perfect blend of performance and simplicity. Whatever devices you're using, the BT-W2's plug-and-play functionality lets you enjoy your audio seamlessly. No wires. Whether it's PC, Mac or PlayStation 4 consoles, your audio gets transmitted over Bluetooth instantly. The next thing you know, you're connected straight through your Bluetooth-enabled device.



Audio Sync

Real-time Audio Sync with aptX® Low Latency

Bluetooth wireless streaming is a common option for music, with limitations that are bound to occur. For instance, a constrained bandwidth typically produces inferior quality audio that are often not suitable for high quality usage.

Creative BT-W2 not only settles for the basic sub-band coding (SBC) wireless transmission over Bluetooth, it also supports aptX Low Latency codec - great for delivering high quality audio over Bluetooth.

aptX Low Latency technology is cleverly designed to overcome bandwidth constraints and latency issues. So you will enjoy high quality wireless audio with minimal latency or delay.1

1 Receivers will need to support aptX-LL audio codec for optimum audio performance.

True Bluetooth® Voice-back Channel for Voice Communication

Unlike other Bluetooth transmitters, Creative BT-W2 features a Bluetooth voice-back channel that transmits voice back to the transceiver over Bluetooth. So you will constantly experience crystal-clear, true wireless communication.


Plug and Play Functionality

The audio power you need combines with the simplicity you love. Simply plug Creative BT-W2 into your PC or Mac and you can instantly play audio over Bluetooth and straight through your Bluetooth-enabled device.

What's more, it is also compatible with the PlayStation 4 Console, offering great wireless audio with communication with your gaming headset's built-in mic.

Supported Devices

* Stereo Bluetooth or A2DP profile enables wireless transmission of full stereo sound to other Bluetooth devices. To determine whether your device (notebook, PC, speaker) is equipped with A2DP-enabled Bluetooth or aptX technology, refer to your device manufacturer's documentation/website for more information.

** Wireless control feature is compatible with devices (notebooks, PCs or speakers) with AVRCP profile only; refer to your device manufacturer's documentation/website for more information.

Customer Reviews

R. Ball

Amazing! With its clean design and efficient performance I will happily strongly recommend this USB transceiver to all my friends. Thank you CREATIVE for another quality product.

J. Khoo

very good, much better than usual bluetooth transceiver

C. Thorburn

highly recommended for use on PC's, laptops and consoles without Bluetooth connectivity, even more essential for PlayStation 4 as it doesn't allow Bluetooth headset connection. Compatible with PS4.

A Closer Look


  • Operating Frequency
    • 2402~2480MHz
  • Wireless Technology
    • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
  • Bluetooth Profiles
    • A2DP (Wireless stereo Bluetooth)
    • AVRCP (Bluetooth remote control)
  • Audio Codec*:
    • FastStream, SBC, aptX, aptX- Low Latency
  • Operating Range
    • Up to 10m/ 33ft

*Receivers will need to support aptX- Low Latency audio codec for optimum audio performance

System Requirements

  • Windows
    • Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD® equivalent processor (2.8 GHz or faster recommended)
    • Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8.0 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Vista™ 32/64 bit SP1 or higher
    • 1GB RAM
    • >600 MB of free hard disk space
    • Available USB 2.0 port (High Speed recommended with driver)

  • Macintosh
    • Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
    • 1GB RAM
    • >600 MB of free hard disk space

Package Contents

  • Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-W2 transceiver
  • Quick Start Guide


1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


Owner's Manual

Featured Questions

  1. Creative Bluetooth Transceiver Specification
      Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-W2 Transceiver Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-W1 Transceiver Creative Bluetooth Audio BT-D1 Transceiver
    Bluetooth® Version Bluetooh 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Bluetooh 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Bluetooh 2.1 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
    Bluetooth Profiles A2DP (Wireless stereo Bluetooth) *,
    AVRCP (Bluetooth remote control) **
    A2DP (Wireless stereo Bluetooth) *,
    AVRCP (Bluetooth remote control) **
    A2DP (Wireless stereo Bluetooth) *,
    AVRCP (Bluetooth remote control) **
    Audio Codec FastStream,
    aptX Low Latency,
    Bluetooth Stream Bluetooh Audio & Voice-back Channel Bi-directional FastStream Audio Bluetooth Audio stream Only
    Console Support PlayStation® 4 Compatible - -
  2. Bluetooth Audio Codec Support

    Get the best sounding audio quality with the right audio codec.
    Check out our guide below to find out which audio codec brings out the best in your wireless headsets and speakers.

    Receiver's Audio Codec Audio Stream Voice-back Stream Audio & Voice-Back
    aptX-Low Latency (aptX-LL) Stereo Mono Audio: Stereo
    Voice: Mono
    aptX Stereo - -
    FastStream Stereo Mono Audio: Stereo
    Voice: Mono
    Audio subband Codec (SBC) Stereo - -

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