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Sound Blaster Technology

Take control of how you want to hear and be heard.

From voice comms to industry-leading state-of-the-art surround virtualization, we've constantly been at the forefront of audio development for decades, and have developed a suite of audio enhancement technologies designed for the sole purpose of delivering the absolute best experience of YOUR audio.

Precise and Accurate Positioning

Scout Mode

Not able to detect your enemy's location from a single shot or footstep? Designed for this exact scenario, Scout Mode was developed to empower you to hear beyond what you can see.

Every element of Scout Mode technology is designed to improve your response to audio events during gameplay. It begins with amplifying or attenuating the active audio stream by analyzing audio content in real-time and multi-channel information via our proprietary algorithm. In battle, every advantage you can get is critical. Your opponents won't stand a chance.

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If one split second could change your gameplay and emerge victorious, it would be that second when you hear your opponents beyond what you see. And Scout Mode does just that.

Sound is the essential component that helps you make the informed decision to strategize your gameplay. The aim of Scout Mode is to enhance the aural hearing but not at the expense of overall gaming experience. Scout Mode works in such a way that it doesn’t focus on specific audio events at the expense of other events that could be important in your gaming experience. Subtle audio events will be enhanced at times so that you hear better – you can map audio events to follow the action and position yourself precisely.

An audio event is the result of an in-game action. When you reload a weapon in Counter-Strike, audio events are generated in real-time to accompany the visuals on screen. Scout Mode constantly analyzes your gaming environment, and when it detects a change of events within your environment, it adjusts the settings intelligently.

Every element of the Scout Mode technology is designed to improve your response trigged by audio events during gameplay. It begins with amplifying or attenuating the audio stream by analyzing audio content and channel information via a proprietary algorithm so you can detect and react to the slightest movement.

The algorithm is designed to improve in-game audio events such as footsteps, speech, and weaponry handling acoustic characteristics without involving the use of explicit frequency shaping – for a complete gaming experience.

Scout Mode is characterized by near-original audio environmental preservation, so you hear a faithful reproduction of audio that resembles a real-life environment. For the beginners, there’s the rapid amplitude feature that helps you avoid prolonged boosts to sudden audio events in your gameplay. As you embark on your quest, whether to defeat your enemies or getting a cure for a man-made plague, there are little subtle audio events abound, designed to be part of every game’s framework. This is what Scout Mode is designed for.

With Scout Mode
Without Scout Mode

Improved Voice Communication


Voice Comms are critical in today's interconnected world. Whether you are gaming or joining a conference call, clarity and voice accuracy are incredibly important.

CrystalVoice technology ensures that every syllable or your speech will be delivered with pristine accuracy.

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Be heard clearly without whispering, eliminate unwanted background noise and echoes, suppress noise outside your zone to further enhance voice clarity, or even morph your voice into different characters or accents. CrystalVoice is designed to deliver the best vocal fidelity, and to allow the user to be heard clearly during video conferences, multiplayer games, and online chats.

Smart Volume – Be Heard Clearly
Smart Volume automatically adjusts the loudness of the speaker's voice to maintain a consistent volume level. This makes it convenient for the speaker to converse normally, regardless of whether the speaker is close to or far away from the microphone.

Noise Reduction – Get Rid of Unwanted Background Noise
Noise Reduction enables the speaker to be heard clearly over background noise by constantly monitoring the environment and eliminate the unwanted noise that interferes with the conversation.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation – Eliminate Disruptive Echoes During Voice Comms
Acoustic Echo Cancellation eliminates echoes and enables the speaker to listen to the other party clearly. Echoes are a common problem present in voice communication systems that disrupts conversations by making it difficult to hear the other party.

Voice Focus – Suppress External Noise and Enhance Vocal Clarity
Voice Focus creates a zone and suppresses noise outside it to enable the speaker within to be heard with amazing clarity. Multiple microphones are used to focus, enhance the speaker's voice, and eliminate sounds outside the zone.

VoiceFX – Morph Your Voice into Different Characters and Accents
VoiceFX enables the speaker's voice to be altered with a variety of effects, which can be used to enhance the tone of the speaker's voice, create interesting accents, or to sound like a completely different person.

Immersive Surround Sound

Surround Virtualization – Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine

Looking to recreate the massive movie theater audio experience at home on your headphones or desktop speakers?

Driving the capability to enhance audio content for any configuration, SB Surround transforms standard audio into a full-fledged multi-speaker virtual surround experience on your stereo headphones or desktop speakers.

With SB Surround, you're transported out of the living room and into the movie theater.

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Put simply, SB Surround recreates virtualized surround sound into headphones or speakers regardless of the output configuration. By processing audio through highly optimized algorithms to recreate virtualized surround sound even through a 2.0 speaker setup, or even headphones, it is able to intelligently identify and enhance the spatial information of the incoming audio, and optimize it for the chosen output format. This means you get state-of-the-art Surround Virtualization that draws you to where the action is for a complete and immersive auditory experience.

And it involves 2 core technology components – Upmixer and Virtualizer.

(1) Upmixer
Stereo and multi-channel ambience content, as well as center channel information (dialogue) are processed to match the active output configuration, and handed off to the Virtualizer.

(2) Virtualizer
Virtualizer then takes the processed audio and spatializes it over headphones, stereo, and multi-channel speakers via optimized HRTF (head-related transfer function) filters.

When combined, you’ll enjoy extremely realistic surround sound experience that puts you at the heart of all the action – be it dodging enemy fire in a virtual battlefield, watching a film’s protagonist maneuver through an action-packed and well-executed escape plan, or even listening to a stunningly arranged and orchestrated song cycle in a classic instrumental piece.

With Surround
Without Surround

Hear Speech Clearly

Dialog Plus – Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine

If you can't hear the characters on the screen, you can't follow the story.

SB Dialog Plus was designed to intelligently bring up the volume of the vocals and spoken dialog, allowing you to clearly hear each and every syllable, without compromising on the other ambient effects.

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Immersive, well designed audio are great, but it’s a total downer if the dialog and emotions get lost and drowned out amongst the explosive sound effects and music.

Dialog Plus analyzes center channel information and dialog content through relative channel analysis, and processes this information through a series of filters, the vocal and dialog information are then extracted through an algorithm that processes the frequency and time response in real-time, and amplified to provide clearer dialog.

Better Bass Quality

Bass – Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine

Don’t ruin your mix with bass boosters that make your audio sound absolutely muddy and hollow. Ideally, bass should be clean and tight.

SB Bass is designed to enhance and extend the bass with a fuller and deeper response without overextending it like typical mundane EQ boosts will do.

SB Bass brings chest-pounding, window-shaking, and seat-rumbling enhanced bass without overdriving your headphones or speaker setups (even without a subwoofer!). Try it. You'll like it.

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Best used to bring out the effect of explosions, machine gun fire, roar of ancient beasts that rumbles your very bones, the SB Bass extends the low-end frequencies of your audio by optimizing the use of the frequencies to enhance and deepen the bass response.

Speakers with Subwoofer
For speaker configurations with a subwoofer output, it provides control for the bass redirection and filtering.

Speakers without Subwoofer or Headphones
On stereo speaker setups without a subwoofer, or on headphones, it provides bass redirection and amplification as well as psycho-acoustic processing for a fuller, deeper low frequency response.

With Bass
Without Bass

Consistent Listening Experience

Smart Volume – Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine

If you are someone who is streaming music on Spotify in the background, simultaneously alt-tabbing out to YouTube to check on walkthroughs, all while communicating on Skype with your friends, SB Smart Volume is a godsend.

SB Smart Volume intelligently measures and contain sudden spikes in volume changes across platforms and apps to deliver a consistent listening experience.

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If you find yourself multi-tasking across different apps and web-based platforms, SB Smart Volume is your go-to. Without sudden spikes in volume change, SB Smart Volume is capable of delivering a consistent listening experience across the board.

What SB Smart Volume does is that it automatically and continuously measures volume across and within different programs, and intelligently applies gain and attenuation to compensate for those sudden changes.

To dive deeper, Smart Volume utilizes a series of processing modules to analyze audio content up to 7.1 channels. It also uses an algorithm to control the attack and release of the overall volume of the content with a smart ramping process.

And that’s not all. In multi-channel content, the center and low-frequency effects channels are also factored in as these channels contain a significant amount of the loudness in a typical game. In addition, the Loud mode is designed to boost overall signal levels to allow maximum volume without clipping the overall frequency response, while the Night mode adds a gentle equalized curve to compensate typical human hearing at low volumes.

SB Smart Volume is also great at controlling the dynamic range of audio. As a result of this, listening fatigue is reduced, allowing you to keep gaming comfortably even over long sessions.

With Smart Volume
Without Smart Volume

Better Audio Playback

Crystalizer – Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine

Music and movie files are often compressed to maintain a smaller installation footprint – sacrificing audio fidelity and details in your content that we're intended to be heard by those creating the content.

SB Crystalizer enhances the dynamic range of compressed audio, effectively restoring those lost details to deliver the realistic and impactful audio experience the content creators intended.

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When we emphasize on visuals over sound, what’s often sacrificed are the audio and sound effect files – they are usually compressed to maintain reasonable amount of disk space consumed on your device. To rectify this, SB Crystalizer effectively restores the highs and lows that are often lost during the compression process by enhancing the dynamic range of the compressed audio.

How? In real-time, the Crystalizer constantly monitors the current audio stream and rapid amplitude changes. A dynamic equalizer then applies the audio boost (an audible effect) to the lower, transient, and higher frequency regions on demand, and releases the boost when the audio stream normalizes.

This real-time capturing and releasing of audio boost improve the dynamic range of audio to deliver a more realistic and impactful audio experience.

With Crystalizer
Without Crystalizer