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Membership Program

What's the Creative Store Membership Program about?

The Creative Store Membership Program is our way of rewarding you as you shop with us. Simply start by registering an account with us or make a purchase. There are also many other ways to earn points!

These points are automatically converted into store credits that you can use to offset your subsequent purchase(s) without being limited to minimum spend requirements or redemption blocks.

You can learn more about our Membership Program here.

How many membership tiers are there and what's the difference?
There are 2 membership tiers:
  • Basic Member: Create an account as a Basic Member and you can start accumulating points through a variety of actions such as referring your friends to us or when you subscribe to our newsletters.
  • Premium Member: Having an existing account and subsequently making a purchase will automatically convert you into a Premium Member where you are able to enjoy additional privileges such as Birthday Rewards, Private Sales and more.
How do I register to become a member?
Simply register an account with us here. It's really easy!
How can I earn points?
For eligible products, you earn 1 point for every dollar spent online on the Creative Store (United States). Non-eligible products includes X-Fi Sonic Carrier, purchase-with-purchase items, clearance or other heavily-discounted products. There are many other ways where you can earn additional points without requiring any purchase. Learn more about our Membership Program as well as the list of ways to earn points!
What can I do with these earned points?

Points earned will be automatically converted to store credits which can be used to offset subsequent online purchase(s) on the Creative Store (United States). The conversion rate is 20 points to $1 store credit.

To redeem your points and use it on your purchase, simply add your desired products to Cart and progress through the Checkout process. You'll be required to sign in to your account in order for us to retrieve your earned membership points.

In the final step prior to making payment, you have the option to specify the amount of store credits you would like to use on the order.

How do I check the amount of points I have?
Sign in to your account and you'd be able to view all the information related to your Membership Program under “Membership Program”!
Will these points expire?
Points will expire in 6 months for Basic Members and 18 months for Premium Members respectively. We will send you automated emails to inform you of any impending points expiration one month in advance.
How long does it take for my points to be available for redemption after making a purchase?
Points earned from online purchase(s) will be available for redemption once the order has been shipped out.
Why am I not receiving updates relating to my Membership Program?

We communicate all membership perks and updates via email. Members are automatically subscribed to our Membership Program mailing list.

If you haven't been receiving these updates, your mail provider may have filtered such email correspondences to a separate folder, or have it moved to the Spam folder by default. Please contact us for assistance if you find yourself not receiving updates on the Membership Program.

You have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

There seems to be a miscalculation regarding my points.

Points are calculated based on the price of each individual product line item in your order with a maximum price cap of $800.

Points are also calculated based on the final price paid after applicable discount and promotions, Coupon Code applied, and points redemption.

Selected products will not be eligible to receive points. For a comprehensive understanding of our Creative Membership Program, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.