ZEN Touch 2 (with GPS) Earphone Pack

- ZEN Touch 2 8GB (GPS)
- E-MU EP-630


ZEN Touch 2 (With GPS)


The ZEN line of portable media players has long been associated with the highest quality in audio playback, and the Creative ZEN Touch 2 (with GPS) continues to uphold this standard. But that's not all it offers. What makes this Android media player truly stand out from the rest is that you can now stream music wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth® speakers or headphones such as Creative's ZiiSound D5 and WP-300, and surf the Internet too.

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Creative EP-630 earphones have heavy thumping bass with sparking clear highs that appeal. An all-rounded pair of earphones that look as good as it sounds. The Creative EP-630 is definitely one that makes you sit up and listen to your music.

What's more, it comes equipped with an in-ear design customized to block out external noise. You can even choose from the three pairs of bundled silicone ear tips for the most optimum fit. Available in an alluring oceanic color theme, get a color to jazz up your player today! Or better still, get the Creative EP-630 earphones in all five colors and choose to don the one that best suits your mood for the day!

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A Closer Look At Your Product

      • ZEN Touch 2 (With GPS)
        • 1 x Creative ZEN Touch 2 (with GPS)
        • 1 x Creative EP-630 Earphones (in-ear)
        • 1 x USB cable
        • 1 x Quick Start Leaflet
      • EP-630
        • 1 pair of E-MU EP-630 In-Ear Earphones
        • 3 pairs of silicone tips in different sizes (S, M, L)

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