X-Fi® Sonic Carrier™
(Main Unit + Wireless Subwoofer)

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The Sonic Carrier was awarded the Best of CEDIA 2017 Award by AVS Forum, the world's largest AV-enthusiast forum site.


“If somebody asks me to name the best soundbar I've ever heard, I will no longer have any reason to hesitate. I'll simply say, “Without any question, it's the X-Fi Sonic Carrier from Creative”

“The quality of the holographic surround-sound the Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier puts out is something I have not heard before from any soundbar. Oh, and the subwoofer. Wow.”

- Mark Henninger
Senior Editor, AVS Forum


Combining The Best Of Two Worlds: Super High-end Audio and 3D Cinematic Sound

Imagine a world where music listening is transformed into a magical auditory experience. This is the 15.2 world of super wide extreme fidelity. We call this SuperWide X-Fi™.

In this realm, every audio stream regardless of quality is algorithmically metamorphosized to an eXtreme Fidelity level of 24-bit 192kHz high-resolution audio and expanded three-dimensionally into a 15.2 super wide soundstage.

In the other world, we bring the most immersive 3D audio experience with the latest Dolby Atmos® technology, deployed in premium cinemas, straight to your home – only better. Movies will never be same again with cinematic audio that not only flows around you, but also above you.

One would expect all these wizardries to come from a convoluted array of expensive systems. Instead, it is a beautiful sleek one-piece system, sans messy cables. Together with an exquisite wireless subwoofer akin to designer furniture, the X-Fi Sonic Carrier is truly a piece of art.

Achieving the unthinkable is its raison d’étre. But there’s more...

A Brand New Concept In Hi-Res Audio And Video, With Dolby Atmos®, Creative SuperWide X-Fi™, And Multiple Advanced Technologies

Comprising of a main unit and a subwoofer, the X-Fi Sonic Carrier is a 17-driver system in an 11.2.4 speaker configuration. It incorporates Dolby Atmos® surround technology and Creative’s SuperWide X-Fi™ technology to bring you the ultimate 15.2 3D experience – the best of both worlds in home theater and high-end audio. As one respected audiophile reviewer has said (using an ancient Chinese proverb) of the Sonic Carrier: “All other mountains look small from the highest peak.”

The Sonic Carrier delivers a mind-boggling 1000W RMS of brute power. The 600W RMS wireless sub can punch so deep that it is virtually hell-shattering way down deep.

Powered by 8 processors, the Sonic Carrier is not only capable of high-resolution audio playback; it also features an Ultra HD video engine that supports 4K 60fps video playback of local and online content.

Featuring 3 distinct wireless technologies, the Sonic Carrier offers 2 separate Wi-Fi® solutions for audio and video streaming, Bluetooth®, and a zero-latency speaker-to-speaker link to up to 4 subwoofers.

The intelligence of the Sonic Carrier can be upgraded by a simple software download or even a hardware module replacement – it’s virtually future-proof!

The demonstration of the Creative Sonic Carrier was a genuine revelation, the likes of which I haven’t experienced in ages. It excelled as both a room-filling home theatre system and as an impressive implementation of Dolby Atmos technology. Hard to believe that it was just the one box, plus subs. Can’t wait to hear the final version.

- Chris Chiarella, noted audio/video journalist

SuperWide X-Fi™ Stereo

Introducing a radically new audio technology that elevates the auditory journey to a totally different dimension. So breathtaking, it goes beyond one’s imagination.

When SuperWide X-Fi touches any common stereo source it transports the listener to a magical three dimensional audio utopia that transcends a traditional left-right stereo experience. This is the Audio of Tomorrow... the next leap in the evolution of music listening.

This paradigm shift in audio enjoyment delivers an unparalleled level of detail, clarity, and image specificity, and a super wide soundstage; bringing forth a new revelation to your auditory senses that defies the norms of conventional stereo. And although the Sonic Carrier delivers a good Hi-Res standard stereo experience, you can now go even further with the SuperWide X-Fi technology. Why stop at the ordinary?

how the magic works

How The Magic Works

When a stereo signal is fed into the Sonic Carrier, the X-Fi quad-core DSP (digital signal processor) up-scales all input to 24-bit HD audio format. It then intelligently restores the highs and lows of music, extending the dynamic range; giving users enhanced detail and clarity. The two channel stereo signal is then up-mixed to a X-Fi 7.1 signal.

But it doesn’t end there. The 15.2 SuperWide X-Fi algorithm is so complex and so demanding, it requires an additional high-performance DSP to complete the task. This additional EAX 15.2 DSP is capable of processing and assigning any audio input signal into 16 DSP-controlled outputs.

Running on the EAX 15.2 DSP is our proprietary 15.2 SuperWide X-Fi algorithm that processes the incoming X-Fi 7.1 signal. The output is then assigned to the relevant 16 directional channels that correspond to the driver array in the Sonic Carrier (9 front-firing, 2 side-firing, 4 up-firing, and 1 bass).

The low-pass filtered bass channel is digitally transmitted to the subwoofer unit, where it is then split into two channels, which go into a pair of DACs (digital-analog converters). The analog DAC outputs, which can be separately tuned, are then fed into two 300W RMS amplifiers.

The 9 front-firing channels consisting of the left, center, and right directional channels are passed through 9 high-resolution DACs, feeding 9 high-quality, highly efficient 60W RMS Class-D amplifiers. This in turn, feeds 9 highly precise pistonic drivers arranged in a TMM-MTM-MMT configuration.

Likewise, the 2 up-firing channels consisting of the top-left and top-right directional channels are passed through 4 high-resolution DACs, feeding 4 high-quality, highly efficient 60W RMS Class-D amplifiers. This in turn, feeds 4 highly precise pistonic drivers arranged in a TM-MT configuration. Similarly, the 2 side-firing channels consist of 2 full-range drivers powered by two DACs and two 60W RMS Class-D amplifiers.

The development of the 15.2 SuperWide X-Fi technology started off with a mathematically-derived algorithm, optimized through never-ending listening sessions by our expert in-house acoustic engineers to cater for different listening modes, environments and preferences.

Each tuning session involved tuning all the 15 drivers individually as separate directional channels as well as collectively as a system of drivers. For example, the left channel in a TMM configuration must take in not only the left, but also parts of the center, right, rear and surround channels of the 7.1 signal. And then, this convoluted left channel is applied to the TMM drivers differently through another sub-algorithm. After going through each channel, the overall system has to be fine-tuned all over again.

Lastly, the 15.2 SuperWide X-Fi technology is a highly intricate fusion of hardware and software design. Not only is the algorithm important, the hardware also plays a very important role in delivering the desired effect. For instance, the customized driver design and the unique speaker arrangement are intricately tied to the specific algorithm design to deliver an optimum experience. Even the design of individual acoustic chambers and power amplifiers are crucial.

And when it comes to Dolby Atmos, the signal is fed through the X-Fi DSP to the EAX 15.2 DSP to be further processed and enhanced to give wider and more realistic soundstage.

Advanced X-Fi Technologies

A suite of adaptive audio algorithms in the X-Fi DSP upscales standard stereo sources to 24-bit high-resolution audio, and further enhances it to an Xtreme Fidelity (X-Fi) level. It works by analyzing the audio signal to understand the spatial and dynamic nature of the program material, transparently enhancing the audio signal such that the quality of almost any audio source could be improved.

The X-Fi Upmixing algorithm is able to extract natural, enveloping sound from legacy material into a 7.1 signal. That is because these audio sources usually contain information about the recording venue’s ambience, and even a sense of height. The 7.1 signal will be further upmixed into a 15.2 signal in the EAX 15.2 DSP.

The level and extent of processing can be fully customized via software, giving you full control. A Direct Mode is also available for users who want to experience their audio source in its original form.

X-Fi DRE (Dynamic Range Expansion)

X-Fi DRE (Dynamic Range Expansion)

Generally, legacy audio content has been compromised in order to optimize the listening experience within the dual constraints of the 16-bit resolution of CDs/MP3s, as well as the typical limitations of playback systems. X-Fi DRE was created with the realization of this limitation. X-Fi DRE intelligently remasters your legacy audio material, freeing the audio from the constraints of the original, lower resolution mediums such as CDs and MP3s, conferring many of the advantages presented by high-resolution recording and delivery formats.

Most audio systems on the market, regardless of claims of support for high resolution playback, do not have the dynamic range needed to reproduce realistic musical dynamics. The Sonic Carrier, on the other hand, has ample dynamic range and detail resolution. This allows the X-Fi DRE to restore and enhance legacy audio material to its full potential. This is achieved by analyzing the audio signal in real-time, distinguishing specific transient sound events that suffer from dynamic compression during the recording process, and selectively restoring their lost dynamics. The typical effect of this restoration produces crisper highs, punchier mid-range percussion, and stronger kick bass hits.

X-Fi DRE is particularly effective in improving the impoverished high-frequency sound of data-compressed audio, such as MP3s – giving enhanced detail and clarity.

X-Fi Smart Volume

X-Fi Smart Volume

Volume levels can change dramatically within a playlist, between different source content, during transitions between TV programs, commercials, and between different TV channels. Yet the listener generally desires to have the volume they hear remain at a consistently comfortable level while retaining the dynamics in a track. Setting the amplifier volume control constantly between tracks in a playlist can be tricky and frustrating.

X-Fi Smart Volume prevents abrupt volume fluctuation during playback between tracks by automatically and continuously monitoring volume and smoothly applying gain and attenuation to compensate for those changes.

X-Fi Smart Volume Night Mode gives you clear dialogs without way-too-loud action scenes. It suppresses the loudness of the explosion but gains up the volume of dialog. The user is able to enjoy his favorite movie at night without disturbing his family or neighbors.

X-Fi Dialog Plus

X-Fi Dialog Plus

X-Fi Dialog Plus enhances the voices in movies for clearer dialog, allowing the listener to hear the dialog over the rest of the soundtrack and over ambient noise in the listening environment.

Dolby Atmos®

The groundbreaking Sonic Carrier delivers the latest Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 technology. Dolby Atmos creates moving audio – sound that can be precisely placed and moved anywhere in three-dimensional space, including overhead. It brings entertainment alive all around the audience in a powerfully immersive and emotive experience.

Backed by our in-depth knowledge of the way sound is perceived, the Sonic Carrier’s 11.2.4 audio system employs 4 up-firing drivers to perfectly reproduce the height information present in Dolby Atmos content by reflecting the sound off the ceiling and back down to you. This completes the surround sound delivered by the 11 front and side-firing drivers for a full 360° surround and 3D audio experience.

I watched the theatrical release of Avatar with my kids in a real cinema. The Avatar demo clip they showed on the new Creative Sonic Carrier was even better than that cinema experience. I could hear the fine details in the jungle atmosphere enveloping me – even the sound of the bugs flying around and above me. It was a hyper-realistic experience.

- Madeline Nelson, CEO of Heads Audio

Ultra High-definition Video Engine

Powered by the latest Android™-based 64-bit quad-core 4K Ultra HD video processor, the Sonic Carrier lets you enjoy stunning High-Definition 4K videos at extremely smooth 60Hz frame rate. It also supports real-time streaming, screen-casting and local media playback via USB port.

Supporting the highest HDMI specifications, HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2, you can be assured of future-proof connectivity to the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs and newest content compatibility.

Video Formats: MP4 (H.264), MKV (H.264), HEVC (H.265)
Video Outputs: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), 4K UHD 60fps HEVC playback, 1080p FHD (1920 x 1080)

Powerful Versatile Playback Engine

Featuring a whopping 8 processors, the Sonic Carrier is an intelligent technology powerhouse that delivers lifelike 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio and high-definition 4K 60fps videos.

In addition, the Sonic Carrier supports various network audio protocols as well as popular online movie and music streaming services are supported so that you can access content from all over the world.

Network audio protocols: Miracast®, DLNA® Online music services: Spotify® Connect and Tidal® Online video services: Netflix®, Vudu®, HBO Go® (Services that require certification are pending)

Expandable & Upgradable Hardware

The Sonic Carrier is also designed as a carrier to host other playback dongles such as Amazon® Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast™ and Intel® Compute Stick.

The state-of-the-art video engine can even be upgraded in the future, when available.

A Work Of Art & Masterpiece Of Form and Function

The Sonic Carrier main unit exudes the presence of a well crafted body, complemented by stunningly impressive technologies inside. Forged with extreme precision on an extensively CNC machined, finely polished and anodized aluminum chassis in cool black, it features an immensely strong and acoustically inert double walled enclosure. Delivering an astoundingly wide soundstage unmatched by conventional sound bars, the Sonic Carrier’s generous 60” width matches large TVs of today, yet is appealingly slim at a mere 3.8” tall and 5.9” deep.

An Exciting Designer Look

The design intent behind the subwoofer ID is to create a perception of an inner module floating magically within an outer frame. We’ve also added an elegant glowing backlight behind the unit’s metallic badge that is capable of transforming into an amazing 16-million color light-show if desired. The subwoofer also comes in an optional super premium high-gloss piano finish. This finishing involves applying 8 layers of coating where each layer is painstakingly hand-polished, spray-coated, and baked overnight. This arduous process is repeated 8 times over a period of 8 days to achieve an enviable high-gloss piano finish. With this new premium finishing, the subwoofer is bound to become a head-turner in your living room, not to mention ‘wife-friendly’ thanks to its wireless clutter-free connectivity!

For existing Sonic Carrier backers, you have the option to upgrade your Sonic Carrier subwoofer to the Piano Black finishing for just US$300. Simply key in your email address (the one you’ve used to pre-order your Sonic Carrier) below to add into your cart:

Please enter a valid email address.

With the system arranged in an 11.2.4 configuration, these drivers are arranged in an array with 11 front and side-firing drivers reproducing front and surround sound, and 4 up-firing drivers reproducing a realistic sense of height.

The drivers are housed in 5 speaker modules and 10 individualized sealed chambers to achieve an optimal crosstalk response from adjacent speakers and to produce multiple speaker effects.

With each channel individually driven by a DSP-controlled amplifier, the Sonic Carrier delivers a total of 1000W RMS power. The Sonic Carrier also supports zero-latency wireless speaker-to-speaker link to up to 4 subwoofer units.

11 Front and Side-firing Channels

Consisting of 6 midbass drivers, 3 super tweeters and 2 full-range drivers, the front and side-firing channels deliver spacious stereo and enveloping surround sound. 6 midbass drivers and 3 super tweeters make up the front-left, front-center and front-right channels in a TMM, MTM, MMT configuration.

2 side-firing full-range drivers, mounted in a unique way, work together with Dolby Atmos or the EAX 15.2 DSP processing to deliver the rear audio channels and create an enveloping 360° surround sound – eliminating the need for additional side and rear speakers.

4 Up-firing Channels

Two 2.75” aluminium-magnesium cone drivers and two 1” super tweeters form the up-firing channels. The tweeters are waveguide loaded for optimal directivity control. Pointing up at 70º, they project and deflect audio from the ceiling of a room for an enveloping audio experience.

With Dolby Atmos or our EAX 15.2 DSP processing, the 4 up-firing drivers deliver the sensation of sound above you, without the hassle of installing physical speakers over your head.

Midbass Drivers

The 2.75” midbass drivers utilize an extremely stiff aluminium-magnesium cone that is coupled to a carefully optimized motor and suspension system for high output capability and low distortion. Each operates as a perfect piston within its operational bandwidth. These provide precise midbass, detailed natural midrange with no loss of detail associated with softer cone and dome materials. With these drivers spreading across the 60” body, the Sonic Carrier delivers an astoundingly wide soundstage that is unmatched by conventional sound bars.

Full-range Drivers

The 2.25” full-range drivers are custom-made with aluminum-alloy diaphragms and oversized 1” voice coil. Each full-range driver encompasses the combined benefits of a mid-range woofer and tweeter in a smaller package, which they are capable of producing a wider side-field dispersion pattern. The side grilles are also optimized to further improve the effectiveness of side-throw forming the surround pattern.


The bespoke 1” coated aluminum-alloy dome tweeters are specially shaped and coated. Together with its carefully optimized joint between the voice coil and dome, the tweeters deliver wide dispersion and extended high frequency response to 40kHz. These tweeters are also optimally matched to soft rubber surrounds to lower its treble distortion, while providing clean, uncolored and detailed high-frequency reproduction.

2 Subwoofer Channels

Connected to the main unit via a zero-latency wireless speaker link, the subwoofer unit houses two 10” subwoofer drivers in a push-push configuration – providing the same surface area and bass output of a single 14” driver, but with a much slimmer profile, and none of the unwanted vibration. Two dual-flared, port tubes loads each of the drivers equally for optimal performance. A conservatively rated 2 × 300W RMS channel amplifier is used in the subwoofer, individually driving the subwoofer drivers for maximum control and efficiency.

Consistent with the driver design philosophy of the Sonic Carrier, each of the subwoofer driver features a tremendously strong aluminum diaphragm, purely pistonic in behavior within operational bandwidth for precise bass reproduction. The subwoofer driver further features an extra long throw, low distortion motor system for deep and powerful bass.

Extendable Wireless Subwoofer

Bass quantity and quality could be upgraded phenomenally by adding up to 4 subwoofers wirelessly: averaging out response deviations, resulting in a bass response that is simultaneously smoother yet devastatingly powerful.


X-Fi Sonic Carrier – The Making of Achieving The Unthinkable

by W. H. Sim, Creator of Sound Blaster and Sonic Carrier

Since the creation of the Sound Blaster in 1989, which sold over 400 million units, Creative has amassed a myriad of technologies and know-how in the audio space. In the decades that followed, hundreds more high-quality, high-performance audio marvels were invented. While many of them were great in performance and had amazing value, none of them had quenched the lingering thirst in me because they primarily served the mass-market needs for high-quality products at low prices, which Creative is associated with. Until now…

I knew for a long time that Creative was capable of developing such an invention, but it still took us great courage to break our mold and enter this bold new market. The nagging questions which hold us back are always similar:

How much are you going to sell such a high-end product, who is your target audience, how are you going to market it, how are you going to support it, how much resource is needed, what is the ROI, is there a market for such a product, what market are you going after, who is going to buy it… etc., etc.

Finally, I put an end to all this agony and said, I am designing this @$#%&*@ product for myself! OK?!!

And here are my answers:

How much? A lot. It is going to be a super high-end product.

Target audience? Me. And people who share my taste and passion.

How to market it? Somehow. Nobody has sold anything like this before, we shall learn along the way. Start with me.

How to support it? Only the best. I want to be pampered and enjoy the product; not be a slave of it.

How much resource? Everything we have. Throw everything into it and don’t look back.

What is the ROI? What ROI? Who cares?!

Is there a market for it? No. If there is, I won’t be creating it.

What market are you going after? Nobody’s. We are going to create a new one.

Who is going to buy it? Doesn’t matter. Design it with all your heart and people will come.

Then, how to start? For Heaven’s Sake – Just Do It!

So, what is this outrageous product? Since the world of Home Theater systems were introduced, it has driven me crazy perennially to have to deal with so many speakers, so many cables, so many remotes and so many boxes in front, below, and on top of the TV. The back of my big TV was literally a rat’s nest. As if this is not enough, the other world of high-end audio is even crazier, requiring even more speakers, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, DACs, A-Z types of players and what have you, and yes, more remotes. Did I mention karaoke?

Why can’t I have all these in just one box? I was pulling hair and crying exasperatedly to my engineers and designers. Just one box in front of the big screen, please… OK, I can live with an extra subwoofer because of the big badass bass needed. But keep it hidden away and no cables!

Yes, I want the best high-end audio experience, supporting all the latest music streaming services, in the full glory of 24bit 192kHz high-resolution audio; regardless of the source of the material – wirelessly, that is. I want the latest and greatest home theatre experience available to be in it too. And just one neat elegant unit in front of the TV, no cables, no other speakers around the room.

I want to add in the latest movie streaming and video playback components, so that I can also get rid of all those video boxes too. It should also host other video device dongles if needed in the future. That reminds me, we also need to future-proof the product!

Mind you, it wasn’t easy. It’s like pulling teeth one by one from the engineers. Not that they couldn’t do it, they explained meekly, but as the number of features and components increase, the complexity of the design increases exponentially. They needed more time. Make time then. They needed more people. I don’t care, throw in more people.

And boy did they throw in a lot of people: product engineers, hardware engineers, firmware engineers, software engineers, UI designers, algorithm developers, acoustic engineers, industrial designers, mechanical designers, and even me, the chief dreamer. More than 60 of our engineers from all over the world were mobilized to the cause.

Having settled the engineers, I zoomed in on the industrial and mechanical designers. I wanted them to design the most beautiful designer piece they could imagine for this out-of-this-world entity. Sleek, elegant, expensive, exquisite, designer furniture, I started hurling adjectives at them until they came up with something really breathtaking. As I was hurling adjectives, the cost of the mechanical parts went through the roof. Finally, they came up with something that was really, really something. So was the cost. No way! I instructed them to do a cost down.

After working very hard, they came back with a cheaper design. We all looked at the original version again in comparison. We all sighed and sighed. Finally, I told them, let’s keep the original out-of-thisworld beauty – it was just too good to be discarded. I will deal with the cost issue later. It would be a cosmic tragedy to kill this otherworldly beauty.

The name of the product was another big subject. I didn’t want people to associate it with a soundbar, and be pigeon-holed in that cheap category. It is way, way beyond any soundbar out there. It is in a class of its own. It is not a boat, it is an aircraft carrier towering above all the other ships and boats. Like the aircraft carrier, it hosts an array of other sophisticated systems. Hence, I named it the X-Fi Sonic Carrier. X-Fi stands for eXtreme Fidelity which forms the basis of our latest and most advanced audio technologies to deliver the best possible audio in such a unique device.

With the first prototype, we went to Las Vegas in January 2016 for the CES show. Throngs of crowds queued up to watch a demo of the Sonic Carrier in the soundproof theatrette at our booth. People were dazzled by it. Many claimed that the audio from the Sonic Carrier was even better than that of a movie they watched in the cinema. But I was still not satisfied. Why? Because I watched a live concert in Las Vegas. There I experienced chest-pounding bass from monstrous speakers on the stage. I wanted that devastating punch from my Sonic Carrier.

All my engineers freaked out. Do you know how big a subwoofer like that will be, they challenged me. I don’t care. From the original twin 5 inch by 8 inch drivers in the sub, we must increase to a pair of 10 inch drivers. So? So the size and weight will be more than doubled and the amplifier and power supply needed to be tripled. That will effectively quadruple the acoustic power to get your chest-pounding bass. Well? Well, it will be huge, ugly and cannot be hidden anymore. Oh? That’s looks like a job for our terrific ID team. I told the designers to transform this huge subwoofer into designer furniture – you don’t hide it, you flaunt it.

Oh, by the way, you can’t buy a power supply module that can handle such power. Design it ourselves then. And you also need to increase the power of the speaker system in the main unit to balance them with the subwoofer. Okie Dokie. But the cost is going to go up again. Cost is no object, because by this time, we had fantastic feedback from CES, the response to our crowdfunding style marketing was phenomenal. They loved the Sonic Carrier, and I wanted to give them and myself the best. Schedule? Our supporters will understand when we strive very hard to give them the best of the best.

Just before going into mass production, when the second stage prototypes with the improved subwoofer and main unit were done, we realized that the design of the up-firing tweeters, although doing hell of a job, were still not optimized. In order to achieve the best of the best, we re-designed the tweeter housing and introduced an even higher grade super tweeter to get the job done. To get to the ideal solution, our engineers had to painstakingly plough through, design, test and measure about 30 different tweeter housing prototypes on 4 different tweeters, adding up to over one hundred permutations. With this final mod and the other previous mods, the Dolby Atmos experience in the Sonic Carrier can now truly rival that of a premium cinema. Bringing the Cinema to Your Home became a reality.

Along the way, I also pushed for a major improvement in our X-Fi technology. The challenge was how to deliver the best high-end audio in a 7.1 system with small drivers in front of the TV. The drivers had to be small so that the system could be sleek and elegant. So we expanded the 7.1 system into a 15.2 system, with increased numbers of smaller drivers to deliver the big sound needed for a home cinema system; and with enough head room for a high-end audio system. We put in tons of processing power, in fact one DSP for each channel. Together with the X-Fi DSP which converts all stereo sources into a 7.1 source, at the same time upscaling them into 24-bit high-resolution, the Sonic Carrier delivers a new kind of 15.2 stereo experience, which we call SuperWide X-Fi stereo. I just love this new stereo experience.

In a normal high-end audio system, one needs to sit exactly in the center of the two speakers to get the ideal audio experience, the so-called sweet spot. But it’s not an ideal situation, especially for those of us who are always very busy and moving about doing multiple things in the room. Sonic Carrier’s Superwide X-Fi does away with the rigid sweet spot requirement, delivering an expansive soundstage. You can now enjoy great audio from different parts of the room.

In fact, this radical technology is truly a revelation to the senses. It transports you into a magical three-dimensional audio utopia beyond your imagination. This is the Audio of Tomorrow.

We have finally come to the end of a long and arduous journey. I’m glad that what started in early 2015 as a crazy idea and an impossible dream, has found numerous supporters who share the passion for this idea. And now, together with our supporters, we’ve made this dream come true.

Achieving the unthinkable is Sonic Carrier’s reason for existence.

Sonic Carrier Mobile app – Control At Your Fingertips

The Sonic Carrier is not just a powerful speaker; it is also an intelligent one. With the Sonic Carrier app for iOS and Android, you can control all the features of the Sonic Carrier and personalize every aspect of your audio – directly from the palm of your hand.

The user-friendly all-in-one mobile app allows you to remotely control your Sonic Carrier and amongst other things:

  • Setup the Sonic Carrier
  • Perform auto room calibration
  • Control media playback
  • Switch inputs and outputs
  • Browse music files on your SD cards or USB drives
  • Customize audio playback in real time

Intelligent Room Calibration

The Sonic Carrier can intelligently adapt to the unique acoustics of any room it is in, so you always get the best audio possible. Utilizing the microphone on your smart device*, the Sonic Carrier App automatically calibrates the Sonic Carrier to adapt to your room’s acoustic environment to ensure that your speakers always perform optimally†.

* For ideal results, a high-performance smartphone is preferred.
† The room calibration feature optimizes the speaker settings to get the best out from any room. However, rooms that are acoustically too harsh may require some upholstering.

Easy-Access Controls

Lined up neatly in a row on the Sonic Carrier main unit are the buttons and indicators that provide convenient access to all the essential functions.

Simply with a press of button, you can select an audio source, connect to Wi-Fi, adjust volume, tune mic levels, control media playback, enhance your audio, and more.

The Quickplay buttons can even be programmed to activate any audio channel or source you desire instantly.

A foldable LED display at the top also lets you know what’s going on, even in the dark.

An Expansive Array of Connectivity


802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5GHz) for audio streaming (also supports multi-room audio)

802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5GHz) for video streaming

Bluetooth 4.1 transceiver

Zero-latency wireless subwoofer link (up to 4 subwoofers)


Designed with convenience in mind, the Sonic Carrier comes with an infrared transmitter port.

When you position the Sonic Carrier main unit in front of your TV, depending on your TV’s design, the TV’s IR receiver may be blocked.

Simply connect the supplied IR blaster to the Sonic Carrier and you will be able to communicate with your TV through the Sonic Carrier using the TV remote control.

Dimensions and Weight

Main Unit
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1521 x 151 x 96mm (59.9” x 5.9” x 3.8”)
  • Weight: 16kg (35.3 lbs)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 531 x 306 x 582mm (20.9” x 12.0” x 22.9”)
  • Weight: 27kg (59.5 lbs)

Electronic and Acoustic Specifications

  • Amplifer type: Class D
  • System power: 1000W RMS, 2000W peak
  • Main unit: 400W RMS, 800W peak
  • Subwoofer: 600W RMS, 1200W peak

Android Video Playback Engine

  • Quad-core 64-bit high performance ARM Cortex A-53 with NEON processor 2GHz
  • Mali T720 GPU with OPENGL ES3.1 support
  • 2GB RAM, 16GB built-in flash storage
  • Supports 4K 60fps video playback
  • Supports H.265/HEVC Codec

Wi-Fi Audio

  • Supports DLNA, Tidal and Spotify Connect

Drivers and Acoustics

  • Sonic Carrier is configured as a 15.2 configuration
  • Each driver is separately controllable and driven by a DSP-controlled amplifier
  • Main unit contains front left, center, front right, height and surround channels, reproduced by 15 pistonic drivers
    • Five 1” coated aluminum alloy tweeters, capable of 40kHz high frequency reproduction
    • Eight 2.75” aluminum-magnesium alloy midbass drivers with individually sealed enclosures
    • Two 2.25” aluminum-magnesium alloy full-range drivers for surround channel reproduction with individually sealed enclosures
  • Height channel tweeters are waveguide loaded for optimal directivity control
  • Cloth grille supplied to protect 2.75” drivers
  • Dual 10” high excursion subwoofer drivers in push-push configuration. Vented enclosure featuring two double flared ports.


  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Bluetooth codec: aptX®, aptX Low Latency, AAC, SBC
  • Bluetooth features: A2DP receiver for audio playback on Sonic Carrier, A2DP transmission for audio playback on Bluetooth headphones
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz & 5GHz
  • Speaker-Speaker wireless link: Supports up to 4 wireless subwoofers
  • Line level input: Stereo 2Vrms analog RCA connectors
  • Line level ouput: Stereo 2Vrms analog RCA connectors
  • Auxiliary input: Stereo 1Vrms analog 3.5mm connector
  • Microphone inputs: 2 x ¼” microphone connector supporting most dynamic microphones
  • USB host: 2 x USB 2.0 type A connector for USB flash drives and HDDs
  • USB power: USB type A connector for providing power to peripheral devices (Rated 5V 2A)
  • SD card slots: 1 x SD card slot, 3 x MicroSD card slots
  • HDMI inputs: 4 x HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2
  • HDMI output: 1 x HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2 and ARC
  • Optical inputs: 2 x Toslink
  • Ethernet: 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
  • Decoder support: Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus™
  • Power supply: Auto-switching 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz AC universal input

Remote Control

  • Sonic Carrier mobile app for iOS and Android
  • IR remote control (2 x AAA / R3 batteries)
  • IR blaster to transmit IR signal to TV

Package Contents

Main Unit
  • Main unit
  • IR remote control
  • IR blaster
  • Wall mount brackets
  • Wall mount bracket installation template
  • Driver décor rings
  • HDMI cable
  • 1.5m power cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty / Tech Support booklet
  • Safety and regulatory leaflet
  • Subwoofer
  • 1.5m power cable
  • Subwoofer setup link cable
  • Warranty / Tech Support booklet
  • Safety and regulatory leaflet

Shipping & Packaging Information

Main Unit
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1679 x 262 x 250mm (66.1” x 10.3” x 9.8”)
  • Weight: 17kg (37.5 lbs)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 751 x 702 x 510mm (29.6” x 27.6” x 20”)
  • Weight: 29kg (64 lbs)

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